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~• Next kiriban- XXXXX •~

Past people who've caught it-

If you happen to catch my kiriban, i will only draw you a fullbody picture of ONE character. If you want extra, kiriban or not, it'll cost points. .n.

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Kile Azule
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
PitaPata Cat tickers

Awesome people you should check out c: :heart: Also my best buddies on DA 8'D

^-- Their icons did a thing xDD Lindsay's lke "Obby B3" to nikko's ass >w> <33

Hello there~ I'm Demu-chan, an 18 year old otaku and yaoi fan~ (literally. Biggest yaoi fan you will ever meet .w. ) If you prefer calling people by their real name, then it's kile xD Nice to meet you~
I love drawing, especially Original characters. Animals, i'm a bit iffy on, but i manage .3. If you'd like to know anything else, drop a Note~ ;D I don't bite XD

Also, i'm open for RPs 8D Yaoi, yuri, or straight, i don't mind =w= If you enjoy my characters, and would like your OCs, or just you, to meet them, go ahead and send me a note~ i don't mind one bit c:


*Note: I'll just repeat myself here, since apperantly people can't read. If i ever get bored or have no motivation, and i can't think of posing when i do artwork, i will use reference pictures off of the internet. Ex: Zerochan, google. They may look similar, because hey! I used /reference/, but i in no way have stolen the artwork. I do not trace my art, that'd be downright stupid. I simply like the pose, and decide to maybe try to use it with my OCs. So, if you comment on how i'm "stealing!", when clearly i'm not, then not only will your comment be deleted, but don't expect a friendly response. It's become redundant, it's become ridiculous, and it has become tiring. I'm sick of it. Thank you, and enjoy <3

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BlueOnigiriKitty Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
Helloooooo Bubbles Dearest!! <3
Randomly popped on here to say hi, and that I'm still alive. XD
Also, may I ask how you make those gifs??? ; 3 ;
I've been trying to make one for myself and I just don't know how...
Dancing--Bubbles Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Hellooo mah jessyba~ 8D <3
Pff xD How are you doing? ;v; I misses you bunches~! *tacklehuggles* >u< 
Oh, i use Ezimba, it's a free website that you go frame by frame with to make the animations ;v; 
The site is here:
Aaaand i usually go to 'animate' and click 'frame animation', and it'll let you upload each separate file and choose the speed and such~

Or, if that one doesn't work (because sometimes, it likes to be a bootymunch with me and just-- rawr =w=;;; ) then i also use Picasion, which can be found here:
This site can only go up to 10 frames i think, though? So it's meant for smaller GIFs and such xD;; 

Hopefully i was able to help you! QwQ :heart: 
BlueOnigiriKitty Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
I misses you toooo~!! X3
*huggles to death*
Oh, Ezimba? Cool! I used to use that site to make the backgrounds transparent. :3 
I didn't realize you could also make gifs/animations. o3o

I ended up just using
Thank you so much! At least this way I have more options in the future as well. :3
SpigaRose Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
thanks for the fave :heart:
Dancing--Bubbles Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Anytime~ ;3
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